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Recent US Department
of Education Stats

More than


of students with
disabilities were identified
by the 4th grade



of 8th graders with disabilities were proficient in reading and math. 

Less than


were meeting their
obligations under IDEA.


What if you’re short on therapy staff or experiencing high turnover?

the problems can intensify over time

Law requires every school district provide mandated assessments and therapy services. A shortage of 40 therapists can mean falling short on over 1800 mandated services. At the same time, parents expect and deserve their children’s mandated services to be provided. Compliance is one of your most immediate and pressing responsibilities, but without the therapists you need, it’s impossible to keep up. To make matters worse, school outcomes will almost certainly suffer as a result of underserviced educational needs. You need a sustainable solution.


mental health &
behavioral services

speech &
language therapy

occupational therapy

aba therapy

Stay in compliance
and service every

Platinum Teletherapy
makes it simple.

eliminate the pain of staff shortages
  • one quality source for all your therapy services
  •  secure, privacy-protected and encrypted in compliance with HIPAA and FERPA guidelines
  • we manage credentialing and other paperwork for you
  • process ONE monthly invoice, no matter how many therapists you’re using




minimum 1 year of professional experience

Make therapy work toward better school outcomes
discover effective therapy
designed for optimal impact
  • trained and experienced therapists receive ongoing supervision for quality control
  • therapists participate in targeted training for skills needed most by the students they’re treating
  • therapists use our library of engaging apps and activities, all created based on research and best practices
  • now you can achieve equity for students with bilingual services + high-quality specialized therapy
communicate & collaborate within a
streamlined system
  • service information is at your fingertips with our user-friendly scheduling tool
  • clinicians lead IEP meetings via secure video conferencing, submit IEP reports promptly, and do everything they would in your school building
  • your clinicians provide ongoing updates and helpful strategies to parents and teachers, and collaborate with colleagues for best outcomes
Make therapy work toward better school outcomes
Make therapy work toward better school outcomes
manage funds & improve outcomes
  • eliminate the costs involved in recruiting, contracting, training and onboarding new therapists
  • grossly cut down on overall travel time expenses
  • ease the caseloads of your in-house team to keep schedules manageable, prevent staff burnout, and improve outcomes
“We are happy to have the speech therapists through your company.”

Shanee Kelley, Admin Health Services, Lodi Unified School District

“Easy to work with and communicative!”

Sharon Stanley, SLP Support Team, Elk Grove Unified School District

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You have students
waiting to be serviced

The choice to empower is in your hands. 

Online therapy is :

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The answers can be game-changing.